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Drilling rig with mountains in background

Oilfield pressure gauges are really inaccurate

Typical gauges have a margin of error of +/- 15 psi for any given measurement

Oilfield pressure gauges are really slow

Most gauges are capable of 400-1000 samples per second, but typically only record 1 sample per second

Momentum's gauges are accurate and lightning fast

Momentum's gauges are accurate to 0.002 psi and record 40,000 readings per second

Why do I care?

Momentum has unlocked a previously untapped resource of all kinds of events that were previously invisible to less accurate, slower gauges

How does Momentum extract meaningful insights?

40,000 samples per second is a lot of data to process, but we've got your back. We use the latest machine learning technology to take all the tedious work out of identifying different events and instead provide actionable insights.

What can we do with our guage + AI

  • Automatic stage labeling
  • Detect and quantify fractures as they happen
  • Detect well communication faster than any else on the market
  • Detect when wireline BHA's are at high stuck risk
  • Detect ball/dart seats and sleeve shifting
  • Automatically detect and calculate water hammer decay rates
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